Championship Show 2011

Rough Collie Dogs Mr T Iley
Rough Collie Bitches Mrs F Kaye

BCC/BIS Derbypark Could it Be Magic for Brihow JW
RBCC Roanburn Cherry Berry
DCC Moonwalker Dallinaire for Chantique
RDCC Danfrebek Souldust at Rantara

Minor Puppy Dog
1st Corisian Gucci Kiss 

Puppy Dog
1st Jopium Heart and Soul JW 
2nd Chantique Simply a Star
3rd Barrenclough Touch of Class

Junior Dog
1st Triburle Celtic Touch
2nd Chelborn He's D Man at Yenroc
3rd Barrenclough Touch of Class

Yearling Dog
1st Gerian Sunmaker at Roanburn
2nd Triburle Celtic Touch 
3rd Jaybird Easy Lover
Res Chelborn He's D Man at Yenroc 

Maiden Dog
1st Barrenclough Touch of Class 
2nd Starlenga Walk the Line 

Novice Dog 
1st Triburle Celtic Touch 
2nd Barrenclough Touch of Class
3rd Starlenga Walk the Line 

Graduate Dog
1st Zolkhan Jazz Singer to Roanburn
2nd Kourika Kosmic Kowboy
3rd Starlenga Mister Brookes 
Res Triburle Celtic Touch
VHC Kourika Black Jake

Post Graduate Dog
1st Moonwalker Dallinaire for Chantique DCC/RBIS
2nd Danfrebeck Exotic Edition for Shulune
3rd Starlenga Perry Mason
Res Uffspring Utterly In My Soul Over Barrenclough JW
VHC Erjon Elijah Pepper

Limit Dog 8
1st Camanna Coast to Coast at Bahatiview
2nd Soroko Socrates
3rd Ladnar Kings Country
Res Shanaburn Dallas Cowboy
VHC Timeless Twilight's Lone Ranger for Meryctin

Open Dog
1st Danfrebek Souldust at Rantara JW RDCC
2nd Ladnar Mayd Smart

Veteran Dog
No entries

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st Corisian Dance of Love
2nd Meryctin Queen of Diamonds

Puppy Bitch
1st Chantique Simply Dreamy BPB/BPIS
2nd Caronlea Celtic By Design for Avonfair
3rd Altnareagh Summertime
Res Barrenclough Touch of Magic
VHC Caronlea Black with Envy

Junior Bitch
1st Lynmead Amalie Lucy Locket at Telforth 
2nd Triburle Tender Touch JW
3rd Uffspring Upon My Soul over Barrenclough.
Res Cathbri Evita
VHC Meryctin Queen of Diamonds 

Yearling Bitch
1st Uffspring Upon My Soul Over Barrenclough
2nd Kourika Karazmatic
3rd Yenroc French toast JW 
Res Wilmaranna Simply Georgeous

Maiden Bitch
1st Barrenclough Touch of Magic 
2nd Merytcin Queen of Diamonds 

Novice Bitch
1st Barrenclough Touch of Magic
2nd Wilmaranna Simply Georgeous 

Graduate Bitch
1st Roanburn Sweet Cherry RBCC
2nd Caronlea Miss Moneypenny
3rd Yenroc French toast JW
Res Samhaven Showtime at Altnareagh 
VHC Wilmaranna Sweet Desire

Post Graduate Bitch
1st Amalie Lets Fall in Love 
2nd Uffspring Unchained Melody Over Barrenclough JW ShCM
3rd Zolkhan Miss Moneypenny
Res Meryctin's You're All I Have

Limit Bitch
1st Derbypark Could It Be Magic for Brihow JW BCC/BIS
2nd Jopium Dreaming of Mertrisa

Open Bitch
1st Erjon Enchantica At Jopium
2nd Lynmead Lets Get Back at Wassail

Veteran Bitch
No entries