My thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge at my “home” club. The upper classes were well filled and some nice dogs had to go cardless.
I was disappointed to find a number of dogs with narrow chests which impacts on movement and heart and lung room. Also a noticeable number of dogs with small eyes.
That being said, I was pleased with my winners and the sporting manner of the exhibitors.

1) Melvin & Jopson’s Nithview Summer of Rockets.
8 month old golden sable puppy. Lovely head and expression. Ears correctly placed.
Good reach of neck. Good angulation fore and rear.
A little close behind at present. He did not like the floor, but moved well enough to be awarded BPD. Excellent presentation as usual from this kennel.
2) Brooker’s Corisian Parisian Magic.
6 month old sable. Larger type than 1. Very raw at present, but behaved impeccably at this his first show. Appears a little straight in shoulder at present. Good reach of neck and length of body. Moved a little close behind. Excellent presentation.

1) Lockyer’s Gataj Out of the Woods
10 month sable. Nice expression with ears correctly set on wedge shaped head. Nice expression. Correct angulation fore and rear, good lay of shoulder and depth of chest. Attentive to handler and moved well.
2) Tipper’s Tiganlea Twist and Turn.
11 month shaded sable. Very little to choose between 1 and 2 in this class. Eye a little small. Good angulation fore and rear, correct lay of shoulder and reach of neck. Moved OK
3) Jopium Front Runner

1) Turner’s Chantique Magical Mystery.
17 month dog. Larger type. Nice expression with correctly shaped and sized eyes, but ears low set. Good depth of chest and correct angulation, but appeared to be toeing in at the front and narrow from behind.

1) Turner’s Paulara No Where Man.
19 month tri dog. Nice expression. Ears well set. Good reach of neck. Adequate depth of chest. Appears narrow behind. Very proud of his tail.


1) Brooker’s Corisian Paris Magic. As per MPD
2) Johnston’s Jopium Front Runner.
10 month sable. Nice expression despite eyes being a bit small. Correct wedge shaped head and blunt muzzle. Good reach of neck and depth of chest. A little unsettled on the move today.

1) Brooker’s Corisian Paris Magic. As per MPD
2) Houlihan’s Kourika Frosted Ice.
Beautiful blue dog. Melting expression with correctly placed eyes of correct size and shape. Blunt muzzle and wedge shape head. Ears correctly set. Unfortunately this dog was too nervous to allow a full assessment. Conformation appeared good when seen standing. Good coat. Moved OK.


1) Walker & Ritchie’s Norska De Remember Our Love for Starlenga (Fra Imp).
Masculine 4 year old tri. Reluctant to use his ears but expertly handled to encourage him. Ears bang on top. Good length of back and nice angulation. Appeared to be single tracking at the front today. Moved with drive from behind. Very well presented.
2) Mills’ Lynmack Starman.
5 year sable. Smaller type than 1. Correct shaped head. Ears appear quite small. Rear angulation straighter than 1. Well presented.

LIMIT 7 (2 absent)
1) Blaikie’s Kourika King Pin.
3 year old blue dog. Head correct blunt clean wedge. Skull flat and correct amount of stop. Eyes obliquely set of medium size to give a very nice expression. Ears correctly set. Good reach of neck and depth of chest. Correct tail set. In good coat and well presented. Moved well.
2) Melville & Jopson’s Lilyway Lattimer at Nithview.
Tri with nice expression. Correctly set ears and wedge shaped head with blunt muzzle. Good conformation with adequate depth of chest and correct angulation which allows him to move well. A bit proud of his tail. Very well presented.
3) Gataj Struck by Lightening
4) Camanna Clearwater
5) Chantique Lover Boy of Whitecraigs


OPEN 10 (1 absent)
1) Tipper’s Tiganlea Turning Blue.
I have admired this dog from the ringside and was not disappointed on going over him. Correct shaped head with eyes and ears correctly placed and of correct size and shape giving a beautiful expression. Correct dentition but teeth would benefit from being cleaned. Good depth and width of chest. Correct proportion of height and length of body. Tail well set. Moved very well in this class and in the challenge to earn the CC. Unfortunately he had lost interest when in the challenge for BIS. DCC
2) Lockyer’s Think of Me Prince of Sunlight at Gataj (Imp Hun).
Shaded sable. Smaller type than 1. Correct shaped head with well set ears and eyes of correct size and shape giving a lovely expression. Correct proportions throughout with good angulation. Moved very well. Very well presented. Pushed very hard for the CC. RDCC
3) Oakland Blue Style du Clos de Seawind at Zolkhan (Imp Fra)
4) Culbrae Red Again
5) Xcode Della Bucca Dell Fate at Rannaleroch (Imp Ita)

1) Blaikie’s Ch Willowdene Double or Quits at Wassail IKC
10 year old tri who is an absolute credit to his owner and also to his handler who presented him very well. Excellent conformation. Correct wedge shaped head, lovely expression and well set ears giving a sweet expression. Moved very well.

CC Tiganlea Turning Blue
RCC Think of Me Prince of Sunlight at Gataj
BPD Nithview Summer of Rockets

Cathy Proctor (Cathbri)