Scottish Collie Club Championship Show
May 2013 - Rough Collie Bitches
Judge - Mrs Wendy Smith

I thoroughly enjoyed my judging appointment and thank you to everyone who'd entered. It  concerns me to see such diversity in type of the collies today, I like bitches to be feminine and refined with moderate bone and correct body proportions fortunately my C.C winner ticked all the boxes

MINOR PUPPY 4 (1 abs)
1st. Babiak  'Erjon Ebony Diamond'
Tri puppy of nearly 7 months beautifully presented with a shiny jet black coat of correct texture. Standing and showing full of confidence, lovely make and shape with good bone, moved well with a nice long tail carried correctly. She has a balanced head well filled and of correct length, neat stop and has sweet enquiring expression, a little heavy in the ears at present.

2nd. Johnston 'Cariadhaf Coco Channel '
Tri puppy of 7 months finer all over, again nice shiny black coat showing well with a lovely body shape and a long tail.

3rd Fort 'Shulune Sugar and Spice'

PUPPY .  8 (2 abs)
1st  Congdon's 'Fridens Estelle For Aaronwell' (imp Rus)
A stunning tri puppy of 9 months. I was surprised to learn she was attending  her first show. Very confident pup using her well placed ears when required, ultra feminine head moulded and smooth for one so young, correct stop creating the perfect balance, the very sweetest expression emanating from a dark eye set obliquely with good underjaw and flat back skull,  her lengthy neck arched and set on the best shoulder and upper arm angulation I have handled for some time! Her expertly presented shiny jet black coat of the correct texture fitting her lovely outline, with excellent rear angulation she moved effortlessly around the ring carrying her long tail beautifully. Quite enchanting - pleased to award her Best Puppy Bitch.

2nd Brodie 'Shanaburn Magical Kisses'
Another tri pup of 8 months. Quite mature for age in good well presented coat, nice overall shape showing steadily,  nice head with a sweet eye and correctly placed ears,  moved with ease.

3rd Corneys 'Samhaven Scottish Melody'

JUNIOR.  7 (1 abs)
1st. Jones 'Erjon Elizabeth Arden'
Blue merle bitch of good colour and nicely marked.  Not a 'showing fool' but used her ears (which could have been tighter) when required showing her sweet expression, she is slightly rangier in shape and outline than I normally like but preferable to being short and compact which seems to be becoming the norm! She moved well on well boned legs and neat feet. She is very much at the junior stage in between in coats and needs time.

2nd Corney's 'Yenroc Fleur Die'cosse'
Sable - well presented and of nice type, showing well. A little full in eye for me but she has a nice outline with a good neck and moved well.

3rd Grainger and Mitchell 'Samhaven Moet Chandon'

YEARLING 8 (1abs)
1st. Congdon 'Aaronwell Anything For You'
A beautiful shaded sable who would have preferred to be at home, although in the challenge with a change of handler stood and showed and was more relaxed, despite this could not deny her quality, beautiful head of correct length with an exquisite eye, terrific neck set on a well proportioned body and covered with a well presented coat of good texture. With her fabulous construction she moved extremely well.

2nd Davies' Chelborn Unmistakeable'
Beautifully presented pale sable showing her socks of, she is more compact than I prefer but nonetheless she moved well on good boned legs and perfect feet.

3rd Corney 'Samhaven Scottish Melody'

MAIDEN 5 (1 abs 2 W/D)
1st Congdon's 'Fridens Estelle For Aaronwell'
2nd  Johnston 'Cariadhaf Coco Channel'

NOVICE  7 (1 w/d)
1st Congdon 'Fridens Estelle For Aaronwell'
2nd Brodies  'Shanaburn Magical Kisses'
3rd Corney's 'Yenroc Fleur Die'cosse'

GRADUATE 5 (1 abs)
1st Mitchell 'Caronlea Celtic By Design For Avonfair'
Well known tri-colour who stands and shows non stop, lovely make and shape with a good neck and a pretty head which is balanced with perfect ear placement,  with good conformation her movement is excellent and she is beautifully presented. A little full in eye for me which detracts from the sweetness of expression.

2nd Coutts ' Eximer Lady In Black'
Tri bitch in between coats but she is dense black and the coat she had was  well presented, she has a beautiful eye and expression but too much stop for me, with her correct body proportions  she moved out well .

3rd Congdon' 'Monsolana Sunwish For Aaronwell (imp Russ)

POST GRADUATE 9 ( 4 abs)
This was a difficult class to judge with 1st and 2nd are completely differing types

1st McDade ' Chelborn She's The one For Lyndale'
Blue merle of a stunning colour and markings, standing and showing non stop, with her well presented coat covering a shapely body of the correct proportions and well constructed enables her to move with extension and drive, terrific neck, lovely bone and well trimmed feet. I'd prefer more length and refinement to her head.

2nd Hodges 'Jopium Dreams In The Mist'
Another well known blue merle presented in a clean coat of a lovely colour showing non stop on a loose lead, she has a sweet eye and a lovely expression would benefit from a tighter ear placement,  I preferred the better body shape and movement of 1st .

3rd McClelland and Brotherton ' Danfrebeck Dream Girl at Alauna'

LIMIT 7 ( 3 abs)
A nice class, I'm sure these three lovely bitches change places regularly although for me there was only one winner.

1st Hassocks 'Camanna Coraline' - CC
This sable bitch completely filled my eye, so correct for shape, elegant with a lovely neck  arched and supporting her feminine one piece head moulded and refined of good length with a  perfect stop, her muzzle smooth and clean with adequate chin and underjaw,  a dark eye and topped with the neatest ears correctly placed on top of her well filled flat skull combined to create the desirable sweet alert expression.
Her shoulder angulation is excellent with adequate depth of rib, her feminine sweeping bodylines covered by a profuse harsh textured coat, beautifully constructed with correct moderate bone short hocks and neat feet, all enabling her to float soundly around the ring with the correct front extension and rear drive. Delighted to award her crowning C.C Congratulations

2nd Oliver 'Marjalu Talk Talk'
Completely different type to my winner, slightly shorter all through but nonetheless very pretty,  she possesses an exquisite eye and expression, a balanced body with good conformation enabling her to move freely,  well presented coat perhaps a tad dark in colour.

3rd  Brooker 'Triburle Touch Of Love For Corisian'

OPEN  9 (1 abs)
1st Hodges 'Jopium Secret Star'- RCC
Shaded Sable in tip top form showing her head off,  she has a pretty head balanced and refined with the sweetest eye and ears bang on top, a terrific neck arched set on a good shoulder perhaps a tad more length of body would create the perfect balance, she moved well around the ring on well boned legs and neat feet, excellent presentation with just enough coat coming through  Delighted to award her the Reserve C.C. Well done

2nd Tame's 'Rahlissa Ain't Misbehavin'
Sable with much to like about her of a nice type with elegant body shape good ear placement and carriage atop her nicely filled and moulded head soft enquiring expression, showing steadily and moving soundly on correct boned legs and neat feet.

3rd Grainger and Mitchell's 'Samhaven Classical Music'

VETERAN  2 (1bs)
1st Wray's 'Ch Takhisis Lady Lucia'
A favourite of mine and looking fabulous for 9 years of age, she still retains her feminine expression excellent ear placement and carriage, lovely body shape well constructed with sound movement. She really exudes presence,  enjoying her day.

Judge - Wendy Smith