Scottish Collie Club Championship Show
Rough Collie Dogs
Judge Robin Blaikie ( Kourika )
Sat 18th May 2013

I would like to thank the hard working committee and stewards of the Scottish Collie Club at this show for inviting me to judge dogs. The stewards helped to make it all run smoothly, and were always on hand with a shovel and bucket, especially for one young man who decided to dump all his waste in Scotland.
It was nice to catch up with my co judges Wendy Smith ( Gemastra ) Bitches & Mr B Ritchie ( Aberquarrie ) BIS, whom  I haven’t  seen for some time.
Although not a large number of entries,  I found some very nice dogs and was pleased with my line up.

If anyone wants to learn about grooming & presentation then you need look no further than my DCC & RDCC kennels, spot on thank you.

I feel that eye & ear placement need to be watched. It is so important for that alert intelligent expression which comes from a combination of a clean head,  correct stop,  obliquely set eye and good ear placement,  which I look for when judging.  We all need to keep striving for good sound movement equally.
On a disturbing note I find the use of the internet to vilifile judges,  committees & other breeders very disrespectful indeed.  When family, breeders and  friends are treated this way,  who are very well known for their honesty and highly respected in our breed for a good many years, by people who have made little or no contribution to the breed i find this very distasteful,  we can only hope the Kennel Club uses its powers to stamp out this sick behaviour.

MPD  E 3 abs 0
Class of young pups at different stages of development will watch progress with interest.  
1st Brookers  Corisian  Irresistable Sable, just 6 months on the day.  Nice eye & expression, neat ears, good shape, well boned and moved happily on neat feet for one so young, RBPIS.
2nd Fort Mrs June Shulune Mines A Double.  Another young sable boy who is well put together. Clean head with neat ears, good shape, nice outline & reachy neck. He moved well, just needs to finish in head & expression.
3rd Ileys Lynmead Amalie Woodcutter for Ileyda. Another sable who i feel just needs more time, they could all change places later on with maturity.

PD E1 abs 0
Congdon Mr & Mrs J& M 1St Monsolana New Star for Aaronwell. A lovely sable with a clean head, neat ears and good expression. A nice front neck and upper arm. A harsh coat covering a well shaped body outline,  although at times needs to be under more control. Not nervy dog, more unsure of the job in hand. However when he did move he moved very well, BPD & BPIS.

JD E3 abs 0
!st Congdon Monsolana New Star for Aaronwell
2nd Cronk Roschell it started with a kiss at Chelborn. Tri boy with a clean head.  He needs to use ears more to get that expression from a tri. He has a lovely shape, lengthy neck, dense harsh black coat and moved well on good sturdy legs and feet.
3rd Ileyda Seb Vettel

YD E7 Abs 1
1St Cronk Chelborn More to Tell.  Upstanding blue dog who shows himself off to his advantage. His head is well balanced with neat ears, excellent make and shape.  I would prefer a clearer colour but one who moved well and cant just walk past him as his showmanship is perfect.
2nd Walker Mr & Mrs G&M Stalenga Mungo Jerry.   Richly  Coloured Sable with balanced head. I  would like to have seen more length on the neck, however he had good shape, deep rib cage, strong boned and  moved ok.
3rd Smith Frank & Greta Aldermeade Alexander

MD E2 Abs 0
1st  Fort  Shulune Mines A Double
2nd Eleyda  Seb Vettel

ND  E2 abs 1
1st  Iley Lynmead Amalie Woodcutter for Ileyda.   Sable with clean head. He just needs to finish off for me but  lovely shape and make. A good reach of neck,  moved well, and was well shown and presented well.

GD E1 Abs 1

PGD E 6 Abs 1
1st Jones  Erjon Ebony Joker. A Tri dog who has a nice head and  lovely expression. Very good ears when used,  well filled muzzle.  Although not in full bloom his coat is jet black and does not hide his good length of back. Good neck length.  He has good depth to ribcage,  well boned and good turn of stifle. He moved well in the class and I  did consider him for RCC but felt he didn’t quite put it all in the challenge.
2nd Welsh Mr D & Mrs B Ladnar Perfect Time at Thistlewing. A blue dog who has very clean head, nice ear carriage. I  would just prefer slightly sweeter expression but  has a lovely arched neck with good shoulders. His  colour could be a bit clearer.  Nice length to height, moved and  showed well .
3rd Liversidge Mr Andrew Sandcourt Sampsons Secret at Phlydene

LD E4 Abs 0
1st Hodges Miss J Jopium Heart & Soul  Sable boy who is not big but very balanced  head handles well neat ears good neck on very balance body lines when asked to move him a slight bit faster which his owner did without complaint he moved well his presentation & showmanship is spot on as always from this kennel & his overall balance & conformation & alertness won him the RCC well done.
2nd  Hassock Miss A  Camanna  Cotten Picker a kennel i have always admired for their free flowing sound movement this Tri dog again not a big lad has a nice head  & expression  good body shape for size  but i just felt 1 put that little bit extra into it today.
3rd Walkers Starlenga Dizzie Rascal

OD E7 Abs 1
1st Cronk Mrs V & Mr & Mrs Murphy Chelhaven on a promise at Sandcourt
This rich mahogany sable caught my eye over a year ago and I  was not disappointed on handling him. His head is so clean and balanced and of moderate length. He has a nicely moulded foreface with a clean stop in the right place. He has neat ears which he uses constantly, combined with his sweet eye but masculine expression. He has a lengthy  arched neck flowing into good shoulders  and front.  He has good length of back with a deep rib cage. He has a correct tail set low. When on the move again another who is better when moved slightly faster,  very good at front and  good drive at back. He is  not in full bloom yet but this did not detract a very honest collie who is hard to fault and was presented and shown to perfection. I was delighted to award him the DCC, &  BIS from Mr Ritchie  and can understand why he won the Pastoral group at SKC  & his crowning CC the day before. Congratulations and well done,  a worthy  Champion.
2nd Conngdons Mr & Mrs J & M RUS  CH Full Kiss de Cathyja DES Aaronwell. A Tri of good substance with great bone. His head is not quite as strong as would appear from ringside and if only he would use his ears and put more into showing it  would help him so much.  His coat is in good condition and with a jet black coat covering a well bodied frame. He moves steadily,  if only he would put more into it all.
3rd Wray Miss SL  Takhisis High Voltage.

1st McClelland A & H Brotherston Ch Aintshe Enrique This dear old gent has not gone course with time. A lovely boy, who at 11 years young could show a few of the youngsters how to move.  A pleasure to go over him, his colour is still good and he has a clean head. Obviously he was enjoying his day out and what a credit to his owners, thanks for bringing him.

Judge  Robin Blaikie