Scottish Collie Club Championship Show
Rough Collie Dogs
Judge Phil Amos
May 2014     

It is always an honour to hand out CC’s and to be invited to judge dogs at this show was a first for me as I had never judged in Scotland before.  I could not fault the organisation and would like to thank my excellent stewards.  The Scottish hospitality was great.

Some exhibits took a dislike to the floor surface and consequently, did not move as well as their construction otherwise suggested.  I took this into consideration on the day.

MPD. 4 (0)
1st.Slater’s   Danfrebek Double O Seven At Stanlox.  For his age this puppy is very mature.  Clean head, flat skull, good eye placement, ears right on top.  Nice length of back, good angulations.  Moved OK.

2nd.  Brooker’s  I Am Fantastic Du Bois Des Amazones For Corisian (Imp.Fra)  Promising 8 months s/w with a sweet expression.  Good coat which was groomed to perfection.  Plenty of bone & neat feet.  Worked well with his handler.

3rd. Rycraft’s  Kynan Silvershadow At Rydellsky.

PD. 8 (1)
1st. Sibbald’s  Telforth Tony  Beautifully presented s/w in full coat.  Well moulded foreface, dark well placed eye of correct shape, well used neat ears.  Just loved his sweet expression.  Good conformation throughout allowed him to move freely.BPD&BPIS.
2nd.  Collins’  Chelborn Soul Desire For Triburle  Well put together s/w in full coat.  Well balanced head, flat skull, well placed eye, neat ears.  Good on the move.
3rd.  Blaikie’s  Kourika Kleen Sweep 

JD. 6 (0)
1st.  McEntee’s  Imperial Des Beldones  Despite lacking in coat this s/w appealed for his overall construction which was on view for all to see.  Clean head, correct almond shaped eye.  Needs to fill a little in foreface.  Moved well.

2nd. Hodges’  Jopium Stole My Heart   Well presented s/w with a pleasing head & expression.  Ears not used to the best advantage, possibly not happy with his surroundings today.  Moved OK.

3rd. Melvin & Jopson’s  Starlenga Streets Ahead At Nithview

YD. 2 (0)
1st. McLaughlin’s  Rydeen Jamboreee At Brihow (Imp Deu) JW     Very well presented tri with a well balanced head.  Correct stop, nice dark eye, well used ears.  Nicely constructed, moved & showed well.

2nd. Jones’  Erjon Excellebration  Masculine s/w with a very well moulded foreface, correct eye placement, good ears.  Loved his overall shape.  Moved well.

MD. 2 (0)
1st. Slater’s  Danfrebek Double O Seven At Stanlox.

2nd.  McCarte’s  Lynmack Walk All Over You At Roughrigg  This dog has a very nice head pattern, nicely placed eye, flat skull and plenty of moulding, good make & shape, unfortunately today, was not happy with the venue so didn’t make the best of himself.

ND. 1 (0)
1st. Collins’  Chelborn Soul Desire For Triburle.

GD. 1 (0)
1st. Brooker’s  Chantique Loves To Boogie With Corisian  Stood alone in this class but deserved his 1st. place, as he has a lot to offer.  Lovely head properties, beautiful well placed dark eye, neat ears, good length of neck into good shoulders, nice length of back and good rear angulations.  Unfortunately, another who was not really happy on the day with his surroundings.  Moved OK.

PGD. 6 (1)
1st.  Walker’s  Starlenga Mungo Jerry  Heavily coated s/w with loads of bone & substance.  Nice moulding to foreface, good stop, flat skull, correct eye placement, giving a soft expression.  Good length of neck & back.  Moved OK.

2nd.  Congdon’s   Aaronwell Aye Ringo Starr   Not a big boy but very well constructed & and all in proportion, which shows in his sound movement.  Lovely head & expression.  Unfortunately, left his best coat at home in the wardrobe.

3rd.  Smith’s  Aldermeade Alexander.

LD. 9 (1)
1st.  Blaikie’s  Willowdene Double Or Quits At Wassail   Immaculately presented gleaming black tri with a large white ruff which enhanced his neck.  Correct head pattern but would prefer more moulding to foreface.  Worked very well with his handler.  Just had to win this class on his excellent movement.

2nd.  Loader’s  Redola Gran Turismo  S/W with a really lovely well balanced head & sweet expression.  Good length of neck into well laid shoulders, correct rear angulations.  Showed & moved well.

3rd.  Walker’s  Starlenga Dizzie Rascal.

OD. 11 (3)
1st.  Loader’s  Redola Gran Torino   S/W  in good coat which was groomed to perfection.  Standing foursquare in profile on well boned legs & neat feet, he looked a picture.  His head is a joy to handle with a well moulded foreface & good underjaw, correct stop, well placed dark almond shaped eye all topped with the neatest of ears, giving him the most stunning expression.  Ample length of neck into well laid shoulders, good length of back, well angulated rear end.  This dog is pure quality.  Well deserved CC.

2nd.  McDevitt’s  Caronlea James Bond   Not the biggest of dogs but a very sound dog of quality.  His conformation is very good which shows in his movement.  His head is very clean & well balanced, flat skull, good stop and well used neat ears.  The picture was completed by the most beautiful & well groomed, rich Shaded s/w coat.  Unlucky to meet 1 on the day.  Pleased to award him R.CC.

3rd.  Tipper’s  Chantique Huggy Bear For Tiganlea JW

VD. 3 (2)
1st.  Houston’s  Aldermeade Paris Heights At Mounthope  Although standing alone in this class, this 9 year old earned his 1st. place.  He was very well turned out, head is clean and his teeth are all good.  Very sound dog all round for his age.  Good on the move.


Phil Amos.