Scottish Collie Club Championship Show
May 2015
Rough Collie Dogs
Judge - Mr Tony Leverton

My sincere thanks to the very hardworking committee for inviting me to judge the males, such a lovely friendly lot, a lovely lunch and thena meal with great company on the way back to the airport. My thanks also to my very hardworking and efficient stewards.Movement in some dogs could have been better some of this i feel was down to a dislike of the surface.

MPD (2) Iley's Ted Baker, 7 mth. sable with an immense coat , Lovely head pattern, expression and ear carriage leading to a strong archy neck , correct length to height ratio. Very well angulated all over good solid bone and standing on nice neat feet, a very confident young man this and his good conformation allowed him to move very well around the ring . Lovely presentation
2nd. Johnson and Buchanan's Kelmri Dickenson By Lynmack Slightly older and a little more mature looking but not having the quality head and movement of 1. None the less quite a nice boy well groomed and I loved his long tail .

PD 3 (1) 1st Congdon's Bounty Taste for Arronwell 10 mth. tri with a wealth of lovely black coat, A good balance to the head with nice strong underjaw. good eye set ears could do with being a little tighter,ample neck good shoulders adequate length to ribcage and decent rise over loin. A nicely constructed rear end helped him to move very well, won this class on superior type and better movement.
2nd Wray's Takhiss Trick or Treat Longer leaner head than 1, with quite a nice expression good ear carriage and ample neck an honest young male but not the qualities of my winner. Nicely presented.

Junior 4 1st. Mcdevitt's Caronlea Lukin Black, Looking black he certainly was, a really lovely black colour, coat needs to straighten that should come with maturity. Not a big dog but what he has is all male. A clean well balanced head with ears bang on top nice expression coming from correctly placed eyes,strong neck good angulation all over his very sound construction allowed him to move very well.A nice clean well groomed boy who looked like he was enjoying his day out , won this class on superior movement. This youngster will do well me thinks, very well presented.
2nd.Tipper's Tiganlea Too good to be Forgotten, 14mth. old sable and white with a huge coat and big white collar to go with it , unfortunately I felt it made him look bit stuffy but on going over found him to be quite sound good wedged head and a nice expression but i would like to have seen him using his ears more, good overall construction but not up on his toes as I would like him to be, I feel he could and should have moved better. Presented very well
3rd Ashe's Forrest Walk Rocket Man

Yearling dog, (5) 1st Sibbald's Telforth Tony, 20 mth. sable looking well beautifully balanced all through, lovely collie head fantastic expression with lovely ear carriage made me want to look and look again at him a strong neck good shoulders adequate length to his body very balanced at his rear end with lovely short hocks nice neat feet powered his way around the ring a lovely boy very well presented . Pushed hard for one of the big prizes, his day will come.
2nd. Brooker's , I am Fantasic Du Bois Des Amazones for Corisian, Another quality sable very heavily coated with most fantastic head and expression. good sound construction stood and showed his head off a very nice boy who i felt should have moved a little more positively maybe not liking the surface too much.
3rd 2nd in Junior

Maiden ( 4) 1st. Scott's Chantique Gold Digger. Just turned 9 mths, Sable at his first show and performing very well, so heavily coated for his age super head and expression good firm under jaw ample neck good shoulder angles very sound indeed for his age moved very well and showed beautifully, won this class on superior showmanship and better movement, nice boy should have good future..BPIS
2nd winner of PD
3rd 2nd in JD

Novice dog (4) 1st.Winner of PD 2nd,
2nd in JD,
3rd Babiak's Colour Change at Eaglefalls

Graduate dog (1) 1st Fairgrieve's Rosschell Murphys Law Tri just out of puppy clean head with nice expression using his ears well,nicely built and moved accordingly. Trying hard to please his handler . Post Graduate Dog 6 (3) Scott's Simply a Dreamer Just turned 4 years and left most of his coat t home, none the less his quality is there for all to see, lovely collie head beautifully shaped dark brown eyes and good ear carriage giving an expression which is second to none. Ample neck good shoulders sound all round allowing him to power around the ring showng very well presented up to the minute another lovely boy can't wait to see him back in coat . I noticed in the catalogue his sire is one that i admire very much.
2nd. Congdon's Monsolana Bluzstar for Aaronwell Good colour merle not the head and expression of 1 for me but still quite a nice boy, heavily coated, ears could be tighter quite good on the move.
3rd Melvin and Jopson's Starlenga Streets ahead at Nithview.

Limit Dog 5 (1) 1st.Starlenga Dizzie Rascal . Heavily coated boy with a stunning head, such lovely almond eye set obliquely with ears right where i like to see them all combining to give that "special " collie expression along with this comes a strong well muscled neck a good front adequate length to his body and rear that is very sound, very well off for bone his build suggested that he would move better than he did , which was rather disappointing but this could have been down to what seemed a dislike of the surroundings, outside i'm sure this boy could go well . A nice male who will have his day. Won this class on superior type.
2nd Cronk's Chelborn More To Tell. Didn't have the head and expression of my winner for me, nicely built male carrying a wealth of good coloured coat. Another who I felt could have moved more positively Very well presented
3rd. Fort's Shulune Mines a Double.

Open Dog 8, 1st Hawkins and Foy's Beldones Black Illusion Another quality male from this kennel in tip top condition from his nose to his tail. Stunning head masculine yet balanced, such a lovely dreamy expression coming from his exquisite eyes pretty rare in a tri ,very good ear carriage nicely moulded foreface with a good strong underjaw, powerful muscly neck going down into a good shoulder arrangement A good balance and angulation to his front , plenty of body length solid back end lovely short hocks , ample muscle tone all over, I expected him to move well and he did just that. Beautiful black coat very well presented, a pleasure indeed to judge this lovely boy. CC
2nd. Blaikie's Willowdene Double or Quits at Wassail Yet another top quality male rather unfortunate to have met 1 in such good form, beautifully balanced head finer in foreface than my winner good eye with nice ear carriage give a nice masculine expression strong well muscled neck with plenty of length good slope to shoulders plenty of rib cage, very well balanced all over, good angles to rear, a long flowing tail neat hocks and feet which I love to see when asked to move away he went like a proverbial train lovely to see, jet black coat very attentive to his handler, a very nice boy who is going to trouble the best RCC very well deserved.
3rd Davies Chelborn Dependable

Tony Leverton