Scottish Collie Club
2nd April 2017

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the committee for their hospitality on the day and for the opportunity to judge at this special club. My thanks also go to every exhibitor for the chance to evaluate their wonderful dogs. I did not find any of the conditions for which we are on breed watch for apart from the occasional weak rears these were due to age and not construction. Occasionally there were the standing wide giving the appearance of cow hocks but upon examination and moving found not to be. 

Minor Puppy Dog (1)
1st FRIDENS CAVENDISH (Imp Rus) – K Johnston – At only 8.5 months this young b/m really made an impression. He was presented on a loose lead his head a little high and pushed back into his shoulder with his front legs forward so i recommend bringing the concentration target a little lower to bring him forward giving a better outline. He has a very nice head and construction and a wealth of coat. He did move a little close behind on the move but will improve with a little more maturity. His colour needs to clear a little but time is in his favour. I am sure this young man will have a bright future.

Puppy Dog
NO Entries

Junior Dog (2, 1Abs)
1st RASHEL SHOW TIME AT ALAUNA –H Brotherton & A McClelland –A lovely tri boy of just over 12 months very pleasing head and expression .He is quite well constructed however I feel he needs a little time to mature. His rear movement was quite erratic partly due to his tail carriage which was rather proud today. His front movement showed his very good front assembly in his good reach of stride.

Yearling Dog (2)
1st SEA DREAMER’S ONE AND ONLY (Imp NDL) –K Johnston –Lovely golden sable & white dog with full white collar that enhances his beautiful reach of neck Head well balanced  with lovely eye and expression and well filled foreface and good bite. Lovely reach of neck on good shoulders . Well sprung ribs that were deep and with plenty length. Good rise over loin with balanced angulations front and rear. Moved with drive and purpose. When stood in profile this boy really fills your eye.
2ND CHANTIQUE LOVER BOY OF WHITECRAIGS – Mrs A Caplan –Sable and white i do feel a little time spent at ringcraft  class would really help get the best out of  this young man. There is so much to like about him losing out due to 1st having that little more filling in foreface. He moved very well as his construction would indicate.

Maiden Dog (1)
1st FRIDENS CAVENDISH (Imp Rus) – K Johnston

Novice Dog (1)

Debutant Dog
NO Entries

Graduate Dog (2)
1st CARIADHAF CRAZY DREAM – Miss S Stevens – Upstanding sable & white who is very much in tune with his handler. His head slightly longer than most today but still well balanced and on correct plains and his ears working non stop. He is well constructed with good reach of neck onto good shoulders. Well sprung ribs with good depth and length with a slight rise in loin. His tail is a fraction higher set  than I’d like which shows when on the move. He is very well toned but has a tendency to move a little wide behind but very true in the front movement.
2nd MULDOANICH HIGHLAND LADDIE – Mr R & Mrs C Fairgrieve –Slightly shaded sable with very pleasing expression when he used those ears. Well constructed and in good coat but didn’t seem happy with himself today. To be critical I would just prefer a little more of him

Post Graduate Dog (2)
1st KILCHRENAN KELTIC BRIER JW – Mr G Carmichael –Tri he is a real eye catcher very masculine and so handsome. I have admired him for awhile and so pleased to get the opportunity to go over him, he was everything I hoped he would be. His head handled well and well balanced and moulded foreface with the right amount of stop. His almond eye on the correct angle and ears on top with the correct tip giving a wonderful expression. His strong well arched neck onto good front shoulder assembly and excellent rib with correct rise over loin with tail reaching the hock. Nice balanced angulations fore and aft came together in his effortless flowing movement keeping a wonderful topline, he lifted his tail but it was well within acceptance and never above his back. His rear pasterns parallel and strong hock allowed full drive forward from his wonderful length of stride. I had no hesitation in awarding him best dog today.

Limit Dog (2, 1Abs)
1st FORESTWALK ROCKET MAN – Mrs I Ashe- Sable and white with full collar. At first he was reluctant to use his ears but when he brought them up his head qualities all came together to give a wonderful expression. Everything just seems to flow throughout his construction and his movement seems effortless he just floated. When in the challenge each time I looked at him the term from the breed standard kept coming to mind “impassive dignity”.

Open Dog (3, 1Abs)
1st STARLANGA DIZZIE RASCAL – G & M Walker & L Richie – Sable and white .His expression when he uses his ears is so dreamy he can melt any heart but he is not just a head. Lovely reach and well arched neck on powerful shoulders well sprung ribs of good length and depth, strong loin with correct rise. Good balanced angulations fore and aft with ample bone he is every inch a male. I feel I must congratulate this exhibit  on presentation which was second to non there was not a single hair out of place I only wish my skills were half as good.
2nd ROSSCHELL MURPHY’S LAW –Mr R & Mrs C Fairgrieve – A lovely Tri boy slightly longer in head than first but well balanced. Well constructed and moved very well .He has a well fitting jacket that was jet black of correct texture.

Veteran Dog (2Abs)

Good Citizen Dog (2)
2nd ROSSCHELL MURPHY’S LAW –Mr R & Mrs C Fairgrieve

Minor Puppy Bitch (4, 1Abs)
1st Enigma Blue Della Buca Delle Fate via Shanaburn – Mrs W Brodie- WOW what a stunning colour this young B/M is .She is very raw at 6 months and will need time to mature. She has the most stunning reach of neck with very good shoulders and her head is coming along nicely with her head markings enhancing her expression. Like all three the rear movement was very erratic and needs to tighten up but time is in their favour.
2nd Nithview Country Bumpkin – Melvin & Jopson – Very eye catching and feminine sable and white with a stunning white collar. She is maturing quite nicely with a lovely expression but needs to tighten up on rear movement.
3rd Roughrigg Golden Rhapsody – Mrs M & Mr J McCarte

Puppy Bitch (5, 2Abs)
1st Gerian Sun Kisses Over Corisian – Mrs PM, Miss EJ &JL Brooker- Sable and white. This was probably the most difficult decision of the day first and second was split by just one look. The head and expression on this young lady is divine it is so well balanced with dark almond eye, slight but perceptible stop and ears ontop constantly. Lovely reach of neck well arched set on good shoulders. Well sprung ribs of good depth and length slight rise over loin. Good angulations fore and aft . All presented under a wealth of coat of correct texture. B.P.B &B.P.I.S
2nd Danfrebek Dust An Illusion BY Shulune  - J.Fort – Lovely B/M with fill white collar. Very pleasing head and expression using her ears to advantage but I felt her real virtue is her construction. Everything just flows together and her height to length ratio superb allowing her lovely long stride to just flow. Another day these two could easily exchange places.
3rd Black N Saucy with Amalie – Mr S and Mrs J McIntyre

Junior Bitch (5, 2Abs)
1st Sea  Dreamers’s Walking on Sunshine- Mr B. Johnston - Lovely S/W. Well balanced head, slight but perceptible stop , dark almond shaped head  and well filled foreface and well used ears. Nice reach of neck  which is accentuated by her collar. Good balance of shoulder to fore-arm and nicely angulated. Good depth of body to length of leg ratio. Ribs well sprung of good length with strong rise over loin helping to keep a good topline when on the move. Well angulated rear quarters, rear pasterns straight up and down not too close together nor too wide apart but parallel to each other with toes pointing forwards. Moved with drive and purpose wasting no energy in the long stride. R.B.B & R.B.I.S. When stood in the challenges she refused to be denied.
2nd Riverside Song Hey Jude with Geosamka(IMP Rom) – K. Johnston – Another S/W  very unlucky to meet 1 on such top form. A little reluctant to use her ears today but when she does it makes all the difference to her lovely expression. Lacked a little in coat and not quite as true in her movement today
3rd Cariaohaf Cookies and Cream – Miss S.Steven.

Yearling Bitch (3, 1Abs)
1st Lovely Flower Du Boise Des Amazoines For Corisian –Mrs Pat M .& Miss EJ &JL.Brooker – Two lovely ladies. This the S/W  full collar, ears tight on top, flat back skull, slight but perceptible stop and well filled muzzle with  dark almond eye giving a dreamy expression. Good tight feet well up on her toes and lovely bone and substance yet so very feminine. She is well constructed which shows in her straight movement keeping rear pasterns parallel and a good topline.
2nd Sean Chrois Extraordinary Blue Girl – Mrs C.Topham – As her name implies she is a blue merle tho her colour is not her fortune. Her head and expression very nice. With a slight blue chink in her otherwise dark eyes that are of almond shape, her stop slight but perceptible and well balanced. She is of a very elegant shape and well constructed however she decided to lift her tail a fraction high on the moved causing her to move a little wide and this cost her.

Maiden Bitch (3, 1Abs)
1st   Enigma Blue Della Buca Delle Fate Via Shanaburn – Mrs W.Brodie
2nd Roughrigg Golden Rhapsody  – Mrs M & Mr J McCarte – S/W not at her happiest today therefore not showing her attributes. She is very sweet in head and nicely constructed for her age but when on the move her rear was rather weak and tended to be erratic, she is young and she will correct in this area.    

Novice Bitch (2, 1Abs)
1st Sean Chrois Extraordinary Blue Girl – Mrs C.Topham

Debutant Bitch(3, 1Abs)
1st   Enigma Blue Della Buca Delle Fate Via Shanaburn – Mrs W.Brodie
2nd Roughrigg Golden Rhapsody  – Mrs M & Mr J McCarte   

Graduate Bitch (6, 3Abs)
1st Nithview Summer Lovin – Melvan & Jopson – An eye catching S/W who stood like a statue giving a wonderful silhouette. Her pleasing expression with well used ears. Her reachy neck, accentuated by her wonderful white collar, on lovely shoulders, well ribbed with correct rise over loin. Good angulations and moved effortlessly under a wealth of coat of correct textures.
2nd Aldredelie Aldrphrodite – Lynne Forster –Lovely Sable very sweet expression moved well lacked furnishings today.
3rd Aldren Dark Mystique – Ms K Kane

Post Graduate Bitch ( 6, 2Abs)
1st Telforth Little Mix –V & P Sibbald- A very elegant S/W who i have admired for a long time but she can be her own worst enemy like today. She has a wonderful head and expression, well constructed but when not happy she sinks into herself. She has a lovely reach of neck that is well arched on good shoulders her length to height ratio allows her reach of stride but when not happy as today she short strides instead of the flowing action she can. However she did flow well enough to take this class.
2nd Kourika Kandita –Mr & Mrs Blakie – Another B/M bitch i have admired for a while. Lovely head and expression but was not happy today like so many in this class. She was a delight to go over with lovely construction and moved quite well but on standing she was determined to tuck herself under  at the rear costing her considerably. 
3rd Willowdene True Ebony at Alauna – Brotherton & McCelland

Limit Bitch (7, 2Abs)
1st Shanaburn Magical Kisses – Mrs W Brodie – Tri in fine form. Her head on parallel planes, flat backskull slight stop with lovely dark almond eye. A sweet feminine expression ears a fraction light not quite tipping beyond horizontal but ever alert. Her elegant reach of neck well arched. She has good length of shoulder and upper forearm of equal length with correct angulations. Ribs well sprung, giving the desired width behind her elbows, deep and long with a nice rise over loin and a good tuck up. Her tail reaching hock. Good bend of stifle giving balanced angulations .Rear pasterns at a 90 degree and parallel. She is very feminine yet strong with just the right amount of bone. Her  wealth of top coat of correct texture with ample under coat. She moved with real drive so smooth and free flowing. When stood in the challenge her ring presence demanded attention and couldn’t be denied her award of B.B then B.I.S
2nd Ladnar Sweet Temptation at Alauna –H Brotherton & A McClelland – Beautiful coloured B/M with well broken markings and full white collar. Sweet expression slightly longer in head to 1 but well balanced lost out to a slightly longer reach of neck.
3rd Lillyway Lovin’ You at Nithview– Melvan & Jopson

Open Bitch (8, 3Abs)
1st Starlenga Mysterious Girl at Forestwalk – Mrs E Ash – 5 year old sable with full white collar. She is a real showman stood strong giving a wonderful silhouette. Lovely flat back skull with slight stop and of equal length to muzzle. Scissor bite and almond shaped eye with well used ears. Beautiful reachey well crested neck on good shoulders and lovely body. Her length to height ratio was wonderful  allowing her long flowing stride and her depth of body to length of leg showing her balance of strength and agility.
2nd Culbrae Charm Offensive – Miss L Watt- Sable and White so unlucky to meet 1 today i feel these two ladies could exchange places often. So much of what I have said about 1st goes here also. She just stood a fraction wider behind which cost her.
3rd Lynmead Amalie Love is Blue for Telford – V & P Sibbald

Veteran Bitch ((3, 1Abs)
1st Kourika Karazmatic – Mr & Mrs Blakie – Almost the dream .Wonderfully coloured B/M with such a lovely expression when she uses her ears and constructed so well. It was a real pleasure to go over this stunning lady she is so well constructed and well toned under her well presented coat. She is not just a looker this lady can move as well.(B.V.I.S)
2nd Aldermeade Ceilieh Dancer at Mounthope – Mr D & Mrs A Houston – Sable and white. Such a pleasure to see this old  girl again. Last time we met she was only a junior and in full coat. Her construction very good and well toned with a  very  pleasing head and expression but she had left her cloths at home today.

Good Citizen Bitch (1Abs)