Scottish Collie Club Open Show
20th May 2017

I would like to thank the Scottish Collie Club for their superb hospitality and for giving me the opportunity to judge the S.A.C. plus Children’s Handling.  A special thank you to every exhibitor who gave me the chance to evaluate their dogs I appreciated your support.  Also not forgetting the young handlers of the future who did such a great job well done indeed keep up the good work.

Junior Dog / Bitch
1st – Wilmaranna Out Of The Blue For Cathbri  - 6 mth  Blue Dog
A raw youngster but for me had everything in place.  Lovely length to head with super underjaw and tight lip line.  Dark almond shaped eye, slight correctly placed stop, ears still to settle.  Has length of neck, length to back, good angulation front and rear, a little high at the rear which is typical for age.  Moved well, with correct tail carriage. Nice colour to coat. 

2nd -  Yenroc Scottish Harmony At Thistlewing -  13 mth Sable Bitch
Shorter in head type than 1 but balanced. Correct scissor bite. Fuller across eye which affected shape, fantastic ears bang on top.   Good arch of neck, rib cage, top line.  Nice angulation front and rear which showed when she moved covered the ground well with correct tail carriage. In good coat beautifully presented.  Just preferred the overall make and shape of 1.

Post Graduate Dog / Bitch
1st – Wilmaranna Forever In Blue – two yrs old Blue Dog
Good clean head tight lip line and strong underjaw, well placed ears lovely dark eye giving sweet yet masculine expression.  Excellent coat colour. Good length of neck placed into a correct shoulder. Well angulated with desired length to height ratio.  Covered the ground well.  My only criticism a soft tail affected the carriage which spoilt the overall picture on the move. 
2nd – Sean Chrois Extraodinary Blue Girl – 20 mth Blue Bitch
Pretty girl with the sweetest of expression.  Darkest of eye which had a flicker of mischief in them.  Wider across the skull than 1 giving a more pronounced stop.   Superb ears which she used well.  Lovely long neck, firm top line moved well in all directions.  Tight feet.  So attentive to her handler.   I would have just preferred more of her throughout .

Open Dog / Bitch
1st – Ladnar Perfect Time At Thistlewing – 7 yrs old Blue Dog
Lovely handsome male such a gentle dreamy expression from his dark correctly shaped eyes.  Nicely balanced head with a well moulded foreface ears which when used correctly placed.  Superb reach of neck into a level top line well angulated front and rear which showed on the move excels in reach in front followed on with drive from the rear. Correctly carried tail.  Coat well presented of straight harsh texture as standard requires.  Good bone. To be critical slightly longer in back would complete the picture.
2nd – Kilchrenan Keltic Brier JW – 2 ½ yrs old Tri Dog
Another handsome boy very flashy with abundant coat. Deeper in head but well balanced lovely dark almond eye. Ears of correct shape but lower set.  A strong arched neck, well sprung rib and depth of chest.  Straight topline, ample bone with good tight feet. Tail well set and carried correctly.  Difficult to assess on the move as a little distracted today but what I saw was showed he could move well.  Today though he was out moved by 1.

Lorraine Quince (Karafaye)