Scottish Collie Open Show

Sunday 4th September

Thank you to the Club for inviting me to judge their well run friendly show and thank to the  exhibitors for my entry 

Puppy Dog

1st Finney's Bahatiview Bad Manners, Blue merle puppy, very impressive puppy dog all male, good head with lovely full rounded muzzle, has a nice eye, lovely expression, good ears when he uses them, good neck into well constructed body shape, lovely bone and neat feet,  moved very well for his age ,in good coat well  broken up  colour , very well presented as always from kennel pleased to award him Res Best Dog & Res Best Puppy in Show 

2nd Watsons, Meryctin Knight of the Dance, Sable & white puppy at his first show today and was more interested in everything going on round about him, has a lovely clean head with a nice eye and expression, good neck, but when he drew himself together for his critique, you could see then he has a good shape, coat was well presented, just a bit loose in rear movement maybe some roadwork will help 

Junior Dog

1st Johnstone & Buchanan's Seadreamer's One and Only (Imp NDL), Sable and white dog who is very nice to handle, good clean head, correct stop , fat skull, lovely eye and expression, very good neck, lovely body shape, at that In between stage, not in coat but well presented, should mature into a nice adult if work put into him,  very weak in hindquarters when moving could do with road working 

2nd Meryctin Knight of The Dance 

Yearling Dog

1st Carmichael's Kilchrenan Keltic Brier, Tricolour, upstanding impressive  boy with lovely shape, which is enhanced by his big white collar and jet black coat, which was well presented, he has  pleasing head , nice eye and expression, ears I would like higher, well muscled  hind quarters, moved very freely 

2nd Steven's Cariadhaf Crazy Dream , Sable & white, this boy is very nice to handle ,  he has a very clean head,  good ears which he used really well, which gave him an alert expression Good shoulders, and body shape moved very true, just need mature and rather proud of his tail

3rd Pattersons Wilmaranna Forever in Blue 

Maiden Dog

1st Meryctin Knight of the Dance

Novice Dog

1st Patterson's Wimaranna Forever in Blue , Blue Merle, another at that In between stage, good body , has a nice head and eye, stood and showed well, moved well behind, just a bit loose in front 

2nd Meryctin Knight of the Dance 

Graduate Dog

1st Fairgreave's Muldoanich Highand Laddie, Sable & white,quite a small dog would like more of him all over, has a pleasing head and expression, showed well,and moved well back and front.

2nd Babiak's, Roschell Running Free at Egalefalls, Blue Merle dog who was out of coat, unfortunately was not with his usual handler so did not make the most of himself  today,

Post Graduate Dog

1st Ashes, Forestwalk Rocket man, Sable & white dog with a lovely head, well moulded muzzle, lovely eye and expression, good ears, good body, in good coat which was well presented moved ok would prefer more drive from behind 

2nd Babiak's Erjon Ebony Express at Eaglefalls, Tricolor boy who was out of coat, pleasing  head and expression,good body, well muscled, moved ok 

Limit Dog

1st Brookers, I am Fantastic Du Bois Des Amazones for Corsian (Imp Fra), Sable & white boy, who has a beautiful eye and expression, great ears which he uses well, good coat which was very well presented, good body and moved really well, would just like him bigger all round 

2nd Babiak's Camanna Colour Change at Eaglefalls. Blue Merle, upstanding dog , who is a well broken up good coloured blue, nice head pattern , good neck, well constructed and he moved soundly 

3rd Muldoanich Highland Laddie

Open Dog

1st Telforth's Telford Tony, Sable & white, Wow my star of the day I loved him,  he has the most beautiful head, it is of good length, well moulded muzzle, flat skull, good ears, beautiful shaped and placed eye, and when he uses his ears just stunning , has a good length of neck into good shoulders, good body and turn of stifle lovely bone and feet, moved soundly both comming and going , his coat was not big but very well presented , stood and comanded the ring , could not deny him Best Dog and in the challenge melted me with his beautiful expression pleased to award him Best In Show

Good Citizen Dog

1st Fairgreave's Muldoanich Highland Laddie 

Minor Puppy Bitch

1st Johnstone's Seadreamers Walking on Sunshine, Sable & white, what a lovely baby,  she has a lovely head to handle,  has a beautiful eye shape and expression, good neck and body shape, well presented , moved and showed  confidently for her age, just lost out on maturity to the puppy bitch  

Puppy Bitch

1st Brookers Lovely Flower Du Bois Des AmAzons for Corsian (Imp Fra) Sable & white, what a little sweetheart, who showed her socks off for handler , lovely clean head, lovely eye and expression great ears which she used all the time, good neck, good shoulders, good body,  lovely turn of stifle, good bone and neat feet, moved very well, in very good coat which was very well presented, pleased to award her Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy in Show 

2nd Johnstone & Buchannan's  Riversidesong Hey Jude with Geosamka (Imp Rom), Sable & white, mature puppy, who is lovely shaped, has nice head, pleasing eye and expression , good neck and body shape in good coat which was well presented moved ok 

3rd Tophams Seanchrois ExtraOrdinary BLue Girl

Junior Bitch 

1st  Boyd & McGill's Lynmack Edge of Glory At Stragato, Sable & white, very nice bitch which I have admired from ringside,  has a nice head  to handle, lovely eye and expression , good neck and good body, nice turn of  stifle, beautifully presented fitted coat, such a pity she took a dislike to the floor and refused to move,  she is lovely

2nd Murthwaite's Roughrigg Railroad Rosie, Sable & White, This bitch has matured into a lovely girl, she has a good head pattern. Nice sweet eye and expression, good body shape, nicely presented moved ok 

3rd Carmicheal's Kilchrenan Zena' s Gift of Love

Yearling Bitch

1st Carmicheal's Kilchrenan Zena's Design ,Tricolour bitch with a big coat has a lovely head pattern and well placed and shaped eye, lovely neat ears when she used  gave her a lovely expression , could lose a bit of weight to enhance her body shape moved ok

Maiden Bitch

1st Tophams Seanichrois Extraordinary Blue girl, Blue Merle,  very femine  girl, with a good head and nice  expression, has a good body shape, lacked undercoat, but was well presented,  showed well and moved soundly, just needs to mature 

Novice Bitch

1st Roughrigg Railroad Rosie

Graduate Bitch

1st Blaikies Kourika Kandita, Blue Merle , very femine  elegant bitch, of good silvery blue colour, who throws off a lovely shape with her lovely reach of neck,  very clean head,  flat skull , good body shape, moved well in front but lacked drive from behind, unfortunately dropping coat but was well presented. 

2nd Carmicheal Kilreachan Highland Mist, Blue Merle bitch, not as good a colour of blue as Kandita , Heavier bitch but has a good  shape good neck, good head pattern, good ears and lovely expression, showed well,moved with drive 

3rd Foster's Aldredelie Aphrodite 

Post Graduate Bitch

1st Brands  Ronansprey Rumour Has It, Blue Merle, very nice  bitch of lovely silvery colour ,good head pattern , well rounded muzzle ,correct stop, good eye and expression, well  made body,  good bone  and feet, well presented coat in good condition, moved very soundly comming and going, very nice girl 

2nd McIntyre's  Merycytin Brite like a Diamond, Sable & White, nice bitch, has a nice head and expression, good neck and shoulders well made body  moved soundly with drive

3rd Walkers Julia of Lowlands green Valley 

Limit Bitch

1st Brodies Shanaburn Magical KIsses, Tricolour, lovely shaped bitch who is very good to handle, has a  great neck and shoulders, has a good length Of back and well angulated hindquarters , lovely bone and feet, has a good clean head, well moulded muzzle, nice eye and expression,  good ears which she used well,  in good coat which was well presented , she is a really good mover,  great reach in front and great drive from behind this won her Best bitch and RBIS very nice bitch 

2nd Brookers Telforth Sweet Dreams at Corsian Sable and white,litter sister to the BIS winner and when she used her  ears had that lovely expression too,  in good coat which again was beautifully presented,lovely shape , good bone and neat feet moved well and showed well 

3rd Brotherton's Ladnar Sweet Temptation at Alauna 

Open Bitch

1st Blaikies Kourika Karizma, Tricolour, have admired this girl from a puppy,  She has a lovely head, good rounded muzzle correct stop and a lovely shaped and placed eye,  good ears,  when she uses then has the most lovely soft expressio , good neck ,good shoulders and body, good turn of stifle, move true front and back unfotunately was out of coat and lacked that sparkle today 

2nd Brand's Ronansprey Midnight Kiss, Tricolour, what  a lovey constructed bitch , so feminine , with good head pattern, flat skull ,neat ears , good body, nice bone and feet another who moved very soundly had a nice black fitted coat which was well presented  just prefered  the expression of Karizma 

3rd Foster's Aldredelie  Aphrodite 

Good Citizen Bitch

1st Kilchrenan Keltic Mist 

Veteran Dog or Bitch 

1st Finney's Linamac Leona Tricolour, comming up to 9 years,  I saw this girl as a puppy and loved her then and still love her now, what a great show girl, really enjoying her day out  Wow what a beautiful head she has,  just my type of tri , lovely clean head , good stop, beautiful eye and expression , lovely neck and body shape, good turn Of stifle, lovely rounded bone and neat feet and  hocks, expertly presented was in great condition for her age, has a lovely straight front, a bit close behind, but she just captivated me everytime I looked at her  res best bitch, Best veteran 

2nd Pattersons Wilmarrana portrait in blue,  can't believe this boy is now 10, what a credit to his owner,  he is in fabulous condition, pleasing head good ears which he used, lovely neck into good shoulders and body, good backend ,in lovely coat which is well broken up of good colour, moved well

Judge MIchele McCann