Open Show - September 2018

Sac classes     

First of all l  would like to thank the committee for the invitation to judge this show a warm welcome from the start and l am delighted with the quality in the breed up in Scotland .

Junior   Dog/Bitch
1st Watt      Culbrea Little Bit Of Red
A stunning male that demanded attention as he walked into the ring .Good well presented coat in super condition .Showing his socks off as he glided around the ring with a super topline carrying his tail correctly. His head handled well . Ears did enough but would like to see them tighter. This male will be one to watch my comments said on the day was handsome with sweet expression and that is exactly right loved him .

2nd  Walker and Ritchie     Nelinka Dr Remember Our Love for Starlenga (imp fra)
Another which l will watch for in future . Beautiful tri bitch that enjoyed her day out . So attentive with owner .Longer in back than 1 but has super angulation and such a clean head.  Has the most appealing of expression that was enhanced with her dark rich tan which is lacking in the breed lately.   Moved well with drive.


Post Grad   Dog/Bitch

1st Carmichael   Kilchrenan Zena’s Design
Tri of  good size ,ears on top and showed well . Good spring of rib . Head has quality and this together with a dark eyes gave a pleasing expression . Moved ok but l  felt a little over weight .

2nd   Topsham     Seanchrois Extraordinary Blue Girl

Pity this blue was not a better colour as very thing else is good. Lovely expression on a clean head . Good confirmation that so didn’t surprise me that she moved so well. Tail carried correctly and ears bang on top .

 3rd   Proctor   Wilmaranna Out Of The Blue For Cathbri


OPEN  Dog/Bitch
1st   Brand /Reid   Ronansprey Midnight Kiss

Beautiful tri bitch that has a super head so feminine .super reach of neck in good condition . Moved well and with ease . Tail carriage good and correct . Ears bang on top which l love again another with the rich tan markings to a tri just makes it right .

2nd  Johnston     Sea Dreamers One and Only (imp nld)

Handsome male that has not reached his best yet but he will . Good length of back and  has heart room when going over him . Head clean with ears bang on top . Bit of a fidget which lm sure his handler will work on . His eye in correct place which gives that dreamy expression .
Moved extremely well with good tail carriage .

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